Tash Blake “Mannequin” Music Video

Stream: https://li.sten.to/tashblake


sharp knives,
stab you in your fucking scales

big black boots, stomp you out
lick that blood right off your pout
pretty little lace, shove it in your mouth
something to say? can’t spit it out?
what’s your kink? baby you are mine
play with boys like you all the time

sink in my teeth
crawl into your head
lookin at you, i see visions of red
hard to forget
the words that were said
i trap you in my spider web

let me toy with you in every position
dress you up and dress you down, i’ll get under your skin
finger licking grin when i stick you full of pins
let the panic settle in..

be my mannequin
be my mannequin

sharp knives,
it’s all in the details

drip drip drip marble floor
torture you just a little more
pretty little face, norman bates
can’t you tell I’m a psycho
killer, thriller I’m insane
watch you squirm while I drink champagne