Funktuation – Poovey

Poovey – Flower (Tamil)

A flower being the symbol of this universal day of celebration, we Funktuation want to say that the love anyone receives from their lover or spouse is what brings freshness and breathes new life. On this Valentine’s Day, we wish everyone that new love blooms for them spreading freshness all around. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Poovey has been our favorite track from our first EP #FunkKatcheri all along. And from what we’ve heard, its been yours too! So, here goes the official music video just for you all!

Vocals – Benny Dayal
Guitars – Joshua Satya
Keyboards – Alok Merwin
Drums – David Joseph
Percussion – Allwyn Jeya Paul
Bass – Carl Fernandes
Mixed by – Toby Joseph
Mastered by – Randy Merrill (Sterling Sound, US)
Lyrics – Christopher Pradeep G

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